Nature's Bounty

651 Scugog Line 2
Port Perry, Ontario
L9L 1B3
Phone: (905) 985-2096
Fax: (905) 985-8401

Open daily 9am to 5pm during the months of September and October.


Welcome to our 2017 apple picking season. 

 School tours - we are now fully booked.

Update October 12, 2017:

 For pick your own we have: Empire, limited Jonagold, Ambrosia,Red Delicious, Idared and Russet.  Already picked, we have Cortland, McIntosh, Honeycrisp and Northern Spy.

 The corn maze is ready, the sheep are curious and the Llama is her usual self. We had a hail storm on June 26 and it has left the fruit with freckles.  The marks are only skin deep and the flesh underneath is perfect. 

 We've picked several vareties of squash this week - buttercup, butternut, hubbard and pepper.  The heat has really helped to finish them off nicely.  We've also picked our GIANT pumpkins.

 We will have cider this friday October 13th.



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Location Nature's Bountyis situated on 100 acres of the scenic, rolling hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine.  This area is noted for being the clean water resource for greater Toronto to the south.  The farm is nestled between the towns of Port Perry, Uxbridge and Brooklin.  A visit to Port Perry makes a pleasant side excursion from Nature's Bounty. The town is on the shore of Lake Scugog and having maintained much of the historic architecture within the downtown core, is a unique experience with several one of a kind shops and restaurants. 

History We (Cathy and Marvin) bought the farm as a young couple and started planting apple trees in 1980. While some of those initial trees continue to be productive over 30 years later, many have been replaced by higher density plantings with smaller trees and newer varieties.  The smaller trees not only have the advantage of being easier to pick but are able to capture more light to grow larger, more consistently coloured apples. Currently we produce over 20 different varieties of apples on approximately 14,000 trees.

As a mixed farm we have two other components to our farming operation. On the horticultural side, we also grow pumpkins of many sizes from mini to giant, various types of squash and ornamental corn.  These are harvested in the fall coinciding with pick your own apple season. In addition, our farming enterprise includes rearing sheep.  Our flock of 40 sheep roam the rolling green pastures and enjoy the many visitors during pick your own apple season. The sheep are accompanied by their protectors, the mother and daughter Llama team of Llana and Lilly, who are are constantly watchful for potential predators. During the winter the animals are fed hay and grain grown on the farm.

Orientation We are a working farm. With the pick your own apple operation, we endeavour to provide many varieties of apples to suit different tastes. In growing the apples we use the latest in integrated pest management techniques to maintain the populations of beneficial predator insects and pollinators in the orchard.  The result is fresh, flavorful food - locally grown apples.  We strive for a safe, family friendly atmosphere. so come to Nature's Bounty, walk the hills and enjoy a refreshing apple cider in our picnic shelter. Bring the kids to run and play in our corn maze, test themselves on the obstacle course and visit the sheep and llamas.  Pick your own favourite apples and choose a pumpkin.  meet your friends and have a picnic. Enjoy the quiet, peaceful open spaces.

 We welcome dogs on the farm as long as they are on a leash.  We don't let dogs into the apple rows for food safety reasons.  We have a lot of toddlers that pick the low hanging apples and we don't always know where the dogs have been.

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