Nature's Bounty

651 Scugog Line 2
Port Perry, Ontario
L9L 1B3
Phone: (905) 985-2096
Fax: (905) 985-8401

Open daily 9am to 5pm during the months of September and October.

Hail storm at Nature's Bounty

At 3:30 in the afternoon on August 1st 2014, a black cloud came over the orchard and the crew and I ran for shelter expecting a downpour. We watched in horror as square hailstones the size of dice fell from the sky for half an hour onto our apples. Our 95 year old neighbour, Lloyd Smith at Ocala winery, said he has never seen this damage in all his years at that farm.   Later that night Marvin and I did our walk about to inspect the damage and discovered that the apples had been pummeled and were cut and bruised.

 We thought about not opening this fall due to the extensive damage, but we know that a visit to our orchard each fall is a family tradition for many of you and we would like to honour that tradition.  We don't think that we will be able to offer pick your own apples, but we will have all our other normal activities as well as ready picked apples for sale.

  The apple trees will recover and we'll be able to produce a normal crop next year. We'll be opening on September 13 and we hope to see you here for a visit, some cider, a chat with the sheep and a run through our corn maze.  We will also be doing school tours and we can show the kids the power of the weather.

Orchard in the early spring

IMG 1004 640x480The sheep have been busy. 36 lambs have been born in the last month.